pod casts, i bite

So, I am newly into podcasts…which I must admit is not super surprising given the fact that two of the most influential people currently in my life (and probably the only two people to check this blog) are both into podcasts right now.  I’m skipping on the Serial trend for now, but This American Life and Invisibilia are both turning out to be quite interesting.  I’ve liked being able to listen to them while drawing lines repetitively in studio…I feel like I am learning more than I would by just listening to music.  And I am retaining a lot more that I thought I would, given the fact that it is auditory learning.  I typically write myself off as not learning well via auditory means (and it still is not my preferred method of learning) but it’s good to know my ears are still connected to my brain! Below are just a few quotes from one of the podcasts from Invisibilia that I found interesting or somehow connected to myself.  The podcast, in general, was about thoughts and the lenses we (and psychologists) tend to view them through.  The three basic categories were that thoughts are meaningful representations of something deeper within ourselves (Freudian) , thoughts must not be taken at face value but instead tested for truthfulness (CBT), and thoughts are meaningless and we should just detach ourselves from them.  These were talked about primarily in the context of NEGATIVE thoughts, so I’m not entirely sure where each of these theories would stand in regards to positive thoughts.  I would assume they would maintain their respective stances though.  Anyway, that’s all for now.

The Secret History of Thoughts

UNIDENTIFIED GIRL #2: I’m thinking, why did you ask me what I was just thinking? What did that have to do with what you were putting on the radio?

. . .

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #4: I’m waiting for the train, and the train is coming. And there’s this moment right when the subway train’s coming out of the tunnel and the lights are coming, this flicker of an impulse to just throw myself down the tracks.

. . .

SPIEGEL: So when a thought like that comes into their head, they try as hard as they can to push it away, but that, it just makes the thoughts grow stronger.

SPIEGEL: That’s the terrible irony of this condition. It’s exactly a person’s conscientiousness that makes the horrible thoughts return again and again and again.

pod casts, i bite

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