yoga + pottery + toddlers

Day 2 of yoga at home.  Not quite as good as day 1 because of this headache floating around, the blood rushing to my head causing the dull throbbing to increase. And I humbly had to accept the fact that I will forget poses that I enjoy and certain binds because I am not being led by another person.  That, though, is okay.  Balancing the freedom of home yoga with the freedom found in following someone else will be good.

On another note, yesterday I spent many hours in the pottery studio and glazed my first round of bowls!  It was…different than I expected.  Both harder and easier and just…different.  But good.  I’m excited to see them fired.  Right now they are such dull colors (that completely change apparently) and a flat finish (which should become glossy).  And breaking glazes will come to have multiple colors based on thickness and texture.  Apparently it is all kind of a crap shoot. Or, erm, a uh, delicate art. haha  Even my pottery professor who has been doing this for 20 years still admits that sometimes glazing is just up to “the kiln gods.” That’s one thing that is so fun about pottery.  It fights back.  There is only so much that we can control and predict.  The material has presence and obeys certain understandable rules, but also makes its own. Like a toddler.  Why will she sit in the high chair to eat some days but completely kicks and screams other days?

Hmm…I wonder, if toddlers and clay could fully express themselves to us in coherent English, what they would say… “I don’t like the cat pajamas because they remind me of this one time I was playing pretend and my friend and I got in a fight over a stuffed cat, so they bring back bad memories.  Also, the tag is itchy.”  or “I smelled you cooking soup and I don’t like soup so I knew if I got into the high chair that I would have to eat that.  Or throw it on the ground to get my point across.”  or “I was playing. Leave me alone, you bully. I’ll eat the cheerios I hid under the table if I get hungry.” or  “Well if you remember correctly, my moisture content was uneven when you threw me on the wheel, so I deformed slightly on the left, so you left more hand oils there when trying to fix that mistake, so obviously the glazing will be thinner there which will make it brown instead of blue because of the chemical composition combined with the specific kiln heat. Duh.”

Well…that was a tangent…have a nice Wednesday!

yoga + pottery + toddlers

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