Inktober (2017)

October 10, 2017

Inktober was initially started by Jake Parker, an illustrator who wanted to become more consistent with his drawing habits. Now it is basically a worldwide, social media event.  Basically, the goal is to do one ink drawing a day.  And while it may seem like it is just a way to gain more social media attention or to have pressure to produce vast amounts of work in one month, I think it really ends up being so much more than that.  Even though this is my first year doing it, so far I can already see how a challenge like this can help to spur on new ideas and reduce creative block.  Every drawing doesn’t have to be amazing or beautiful.  They don’t necessarily have to be complex and intricate.  But they are supposed to BE.  And honestly, one of the biggest things about being in any creative field is bringing things from ideas into BE-ing… getting past that fear of the blank page, the fear of what-if-it-doesn’t-turn-out-like-I-hope, the insecurity of I-am-not-good-enough, and the paralyzing I-don’t-know-what-to-make.   So here’s to pushing past all of those things.

I definitely hope to see some improvement and skill development over the month.  I have already been reminded of how much I love drawing!

I have gone a couple different paths and here are a few of the results thus far:


Fun Fact: As you can definitely tell if you look, the last one was drawn on the day when I actually had to Google what year it was because I could absolutely not remember.  I had written ’18 and then something in me said ‘hmm… I’m not entirely sure if that’s correct…’  Turns out, it wasn’t.  Definitely still 2017 here. So.  That made me feel old and/or crazy. And made me wonder: what did people used to do when they forgot what year it was before the internet…?

Happy Inking!


October 15, 2017

Part 2. Inktober continues…


I bought new pens… Trying out lineweight differences.


She loves Madeline… inktober12

Who we are versus who we want to be:


October 17, 2017

Part 3 // Just keep drawing // Inktober continued…

Any favorites so far?


October 18, 2017

Part 4 // Probably a children’s book in the making.

I’ve been using my experiences as a nanny and my love of kiddos for these. It has been fun to go back to those memories.  Fun and a little painful.  I miss those times.

. . .

She was always so freaked out by the noise of planes and even moreso by drones:


We definitely did this a few times:


(Note for my father’s sake: I have never let a child be this close to a turtle before.)


The good ‘ol tree swing.  We spent many an afternoon looking at the trees and leaves from that swing.  It was especially great when she was just a little baby…


An attempt at adding color with watercolor.  This was basically every time we went to the library.


October 31, 2017

Well, October is over today and while I definitely didn’t do one drawing a day, I do feel like I made a decent amount of progress this month.  I have generated a lot of ideas for the children’s book I would like to write and now I have some momentum.  From a personal standpoint, too, this has been a really helpful month.  It has been hard to know how to grieve this loss of the little one I nanny-ed for…  I still get to call her and I will get to visit soon too (which is amazing!!), so it’s not the same grief they talk about on most grieving websites.  And she’s not biologically my little girl… but that hasn’t meant that I haven’t had to deal with the hole in my heart and the grief of being without her.  These drawings, though, have helped me to remember all the fun we had together and to dwell on those memories instead of the fact that we aren’t together anymore.  Plus, knowing that I will hopefully get to read her our story from a book that I made is definitely a motivator to keep going.

Tea parties feat. Koala, Giraffe-e, Big Baby, Rab’t, Sheepy, & Patches


sunny days + catching rays + water play…s
(also chickens.)

Inktober (2017)

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