Day 4 / Diets / Design

Hey friends,

It’s day four of the new year, day four of yoga, and day four of blogging.
I actually already posted on my other site today ( so I will probably keep this one pretty short. Though I must say, it was really fun to write out that “2019 in Review” post.  It is always cool to think back over the year and remember all of the fun and memorable things that happened.  I have also been very fortunate to get to go on a lot of awesome trips the past couple years and to experience a lot of new things.  If you’re interested, that post is here.

Today was a nice, quiet day at home. The daily yoga practice was called “Awaken” and it was another good one.  The time went by really quickly and I did a relatively good job of not getting too caught up in my thoughts.

Today was the first day I felt sore though… Plus my lower back was bothering me a bit and I kept getting cramps in my feet.  Since doing that practice earlier today I have been trying to stay more hydrated… and I think I might run to the grocery store to grab some bananas tomorrow.  (My Google searching say that that’s not just a myth, but that bananas do actually help with muscles cramps.  In case you were curious.)  Nothing else major to report about yoga… Just that I am enjoying it and am glad that I’ve committed to these 30 days.  (Also, if you have never tried “knocking on heaven’s door” I highly recommend it.  I end up laughing every time!)

Other than yoga and blogging I put away Christmas decorations, did some laundry, and started reading the intro to The PlantPure Nation Cookbook which I received as a gift for Christmas.  This actually ties in to the documentary I mentioned/linked to in yesterday’s post called Forks Over Knives.  Both are about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.  (And I am planning to watch the PlantPure Nation documentary (the basis for the cookbook) sometime soon.) I already don’t eat red meat.  And have to limit my dairy intake due to being lactose intolerant.  But even with those restrictions already in place, I think a diet without any animal products would be a huge dietary change!  I mean, no more eggs for breakfast?! What would I even eat?!


Even though it sounds daunting, I would like to continue learning more and maybe start to incorporate some of the recipes in this cookbook into my daily life.  I don’t know if I will go all in at any point… though if it helps me to feel healthier and to have less digestive issues I am certainly going to consider it! My aunt gave me some starter foods/materials along with the cookbook which was so thoughtful of her!  I have egg replacer, arrowroot starch/flour, nutritional yeast flakes, hard red winter wheatberries, and two packs of non-GMO tea.  To be honest, I don’t really know what half of those things are (what on earth is a wheatberry?!) but I am excited to learn.  Last January, I started the year by reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and focusing more on eating locally.  I joined a farm share and learned about a lot of veggies.  It seems fitting that this year would be starting out similarly!

Have any of you watched these documentaries?  Or eat a plant-based diet? I’d love to hear some personal stories and experiences!

Besides those things, I mentioned yesterday that I got to do something fun at work and I promised to share more about that, so here’s making good on that promise…

So I have been working for an architecture firm on and off for many years.  In college they employed me in the summers as an intern before I had any real marketable skills to speak of besides note-taking, filing, and basic AutoCad skills. Now I work full-time for them doing a variety of things… permit drawings and construction documents (including plans, sections, interior and exterior elevations, details, reflected ceiling plans, framing diagrams), as-built measurements and drawings, basic office tasks, etc. But until recently I did almost no design work.  There was one summer when I was allowed to putz around with the design for a closet system and I took it very seriously, even though looking back I am kind of wondering if that was a “give the intern some busy work” situation.  But this week past week I was given the task of actually designing the layout for an interior space! Granted, it is just an interior build-out with no structure or anything… but still!  It was a small, low-risk way to get my feet wet in helping to design an actual space that is going to be built!  (Writing this, my mind is trying to play the comparison game and tell me that it is lame to be so excited about this when I am sure I have friends and colleagues doing much bigger and more impressive things at the same age…But that part of my mind is never the helpful part so I am going to ignore it and pat myself on the back anyway.) So, that’s really all there is to say about that!   (I’d give more specifics or post drawings, but for client confidentiality and because of firm rules I am not permitted to do so.)

I think those are all of the updates for today!
Thanks for reading and for following along.
Hope you had a lovely Saturday!


Day 4 / Diets / Design

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