Inktober Pt. 3

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Any favorites so far?



Inktober Pt. 3

Inktober Pt. 2

Inktober continues. See part one here.



I bought new pens… Trying out lineweight differences.



She loves Madeline… inktober11inktober12


Who we are versus who we want to be:


Inktober Pt. 2

Below the Line

There’s a sickness in my soul
It’s filled with self-creating holes
The blood both paint and soap
washing painting losing hope
Entropic forces rip apart
Tear the wholeness of the heart
Ceaseless void and darkened eye
Deep and never-ending sigh


Below the Line


Inktober was initially started by Jake Parker, an illustrator who wanted to become more consistent with his drawing habits. Now it is basically a worldwide, social media event.  Basically, the goal is to do one ink drawing a day.  And while it may seem like it is just a way to gain more social media attention or to have pressure to produce vast amounts of work in one month, I think it really ends up being so much more than that.  Even though this is my first year doing it, so far I can already see how a challenge like this can help to spur on new ideas and reduce creative block.  Every drawing doesn’t have to be amazing or beautiful.  They don’t necessarily have to be complex and intricate.  But they are supposed to BE.  And honestly, one of the biggest things about being in any creative field is bringing things from ideas into BE-ing… getting past that fear of the blank page, the fear of what-if-it-doesn’t-turn-out-like-I-hope, the insecurity of I-am-not-good-enough, and the paralyzing I-don’t-know-what-to-make.   So here’s to pushing past all of those things.

I definitely hope to see some improvement and skill development over the month.  I have already been reminded of how much I love drawing!

I have gone a couple different paths and here are a few of the results thus far:





Fun Fact: As you can definitely tell if you look, the last one was drawn on the day when I actually had to Google what year it was because I could absolutely not remember.  I had written ’18 and then something in me said ‘hmm… I’m not entirely sure if that’s correct…’  Turns out, it wasn’t.  Definitely still 2017 here. So.  That made me feel old and/or crazy. And made me wonder: what did people used to do when they forgot what year it was before the internet…?

Happy Inking!




bueller, bueller

I am not entirely sure where, when, or why Autumn’s hard hat was in need of a name tag, or why the name tag still remains on its backing.  However, the cat looks quite happy so it must not have been a tragic reason.

Christopher Mitchell, born in 1999, just had his 18th birthday (which was on a Tuesday this year).  Hope you did something fun Christopher! I assume you’re a freshmen… so I hope you made some new friends to celebrate with.  Unfortunately you left your Hokie Passport outside of the Christiansburg Wal-mart.  I have tried contacting you every way  I can think of to get this back to you so you don’t have to pay that dastardly fee to get it replaced. I think I’ll give you a couple more days to respond before I take it over to the office that will inevitably charge you for a new one anyway.


Fantoga is apparently a screen printing company in Blacksburg, VA. “Custom apparel and print services for Blacksburg and beyond.” $3.99 seems pretty cheap for a t-shirt, but given their bulk prices on their website looks like that could be what this tag was from.  I doubt a tag of this type and size would have been attached to a button, magnet, postcard, poster, or sticker.  I think I found this in the Main Street Kroger parking lot. And it’s football season, so not shocking.

Hope someone didn’t need that phone number…

bueller, bueller