The Egg

The Egg

freedom of thought. possibilities. exploration. conversation. empathy. people. patience. time.

who is to say that this story isn’t the reality? i have had thoughts similar to what is expressed in this story prior to reading it. i have imagined that everyone else is actually me at a different stage of life, or a different gender, or with a different upbringing. why would this be? because i am so incredibly self-centered? because it helps to increase empathy? because i actually wrote the egg story in another life? because i heard about the story before and then forgot about it, but the ideas lingered in my subconscious?

this view of the world is not necessarily what i believe to be true, but then again, what is it that i believe? do i believe anything? should i believe anything? what does it mean to have faith in someone/something? versus trusting them? versus believing in them? what is knowing? can you know something but not believe it? can you believe something and not know it? i think i can believe in something but not have faith in it… are these hierarchical? are they shades of the same color?

thoughts anyone?

The Egg

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