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mayb2016dI loved this exhibit at the Taubman Museum… I loved the detail, the intricacy, the time and patience it must have taken. But I also love the way that it blurs the line between art and architecture. My entire year of my architecture thesis I was searching for that line… Trying to define these words we use all the time. (Architecture, sculpture, art, architect, etc.) I was searching for my place, for how my passions fit into definitions and job descriptions. I ended up pushing the limits and blurring the lines… because why do have to define, quantify, limit, compartmentalize? introduce ourselves by our job title? Define ourselves by employment? may2016cWhen someone says “what do you do?” Instead of saying “I am an architecture student” or “I am a nanny” can’t I reply: “I search for beauty and life in creation and creating. I climb trees and laugh with kids. I make things I hope will cause others to smile.. Or at least think.”

art by Eric Standley

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art / architecture / life / museum

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