A Day In June

The sunshine is a bully

You’re wasting your life, it whispers, draped over my windowsill.

The anxiety that has settled, resting in a puddle below my belly button, swirls up like the oat milk in my morning coffee pale as my legs, resting here inside.

I’m tired, I whisper in response because I am. I feel worn down, as if I’ve been sprinting for weeks and my body is finally fighting back.

You’ll regret it, the light taunts. And I know that’s a broader statement than it seems.

To stay inside on a day like today, alone. To read in quiet rather than exploring and mingling. What am I giving up by choosing to rest?

There’s a lyric that plays through my brain:

“death inspires me like a dog

inspires a rabbit”

Go outside, it taunts, before you miss it

I won’t be here forever

And neither will you

A Day In June

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