** this is just getting started – more to come :) **


the Bird Machine (graphic designer/screen printer… LOVE!)
Oliver Jeffers (children’s book illustrator)
Aaron Becker (another children’s book artist)
Chelsea-Lee Elliott (Australian illustrator)
Holly Chastain (paper artist + illustrator)
the new programme (blog)
Spacejunk (just go experience this website…it’s awesome)
1 and 2 (again, just experience… read…explore)
Swell ceramics (beautiful handmade pottery)
James Richard (gorgeous sketches)


Heartmade (empowering creative hearts – Mayi Carles)
Blacksburg Belle (turning your creative dreams into reality)
Revenue Streams (sounds dull…but Mayi makes it so fun!)
Emilie Wapnick (TED talk about Multipotentialites; a.k.a. someone with many passions + interests)
Puttylike (a home for multipotentialites – Emilie Wapnick)
B-School (this looks super helpful…but also sounds expensive!)


Personality Hacker (I’m a full fledged addict–podcasts all day every day + cognitive functions galore)
INFJ vs. INFP (insightful article of 5 primary differences, from Personality Hacker)

kids + learning + activities

Preschool Inspirations
How Wee Learn

depression / existential crisis

Help Guide (general tips…obvious, but helpful reminders)
Milk the Pigeon (posts by someone else searching for meaning) no