** this is just getting started – more to come :) **


the Bird Machine (graphic designer/screen printer… LOVE!)
Oliver Jeffers (children’s book illustrator)
Aaron Becker (another children’s book artist)
Chelsea-Lee Elliott (Australian illustrator)
Holly Chastain (paper artist + illustrator)
the new programme (blog)
Spacejunk (just go experience this website…it’s awesome)
1 and 2 (again, just experience… read…explore)
James Richard(gorgeous sketches)
David Carson (graphic design legend)
Gabriel “GG” Gimenez (illustrations, painting, murals – colorful and cool)
Michele Landel (paper artist and Collage)


Melissa Maya Pottery
Swell ceramics
Greta Pots
Reczek Pottery
Alexandra Fitzgerald


Heartmade (empowering creative hearts – Mayi Carles)
Blacksburg Belle (turning your creative dreams into reality)
Revenue Streams (sounds dull…but Mayi makes it so fun!)
Emilie Wapnick (TED talk about Multipotentialites; a.k.a. someone with many passions + interests)
Puttylike (a home for multipotentialites – Emilie Wapnick)
B-School (this looks super helpful…but also sounds expensive!)


Personality Hacker (I’m a full fledged addict–podcasts all day every day + cognitive functions galore)
INFJ vs. INFP (insightful article of 5 primary differences, from Personality Hacker)

kids + learning + activities

Preschool Inspirations
How Wee Learn

depression / existential crisis

Help Guide (general tips…obvious, but helpful reminders)
Milk the Pigeon (posts by someone else searching for meaning)

to make

Denim Whale  (by valaan villapaita)
Crocheted Whale  (by one dog woof: crochet for modern life) no