i am

(unfiltered, unedited)

i am decay
i am thoughts, fleeting and dreams evaporating
i am mist, fog
i am divide between attraction
i am battered memory, dispersing cloud
i am ungluing of collage, scattering in breeze
i am glass, reflection in a puddle
i am streak from tear on cheek
i am ache colliding with burning eyes and tightened throat
i am movement of the ripple through water, curtain, leaves
i am friction between blades
i am gradient between light and shadow
i am essence of the vibration of music
i am grasp from muscles tightened
i am the state between dreaming and waking
i am perhaps
i am ghost
i am the longing to rest on clouds
i am wind flowing through hair
i am dashed line, satellite to surface
i am force in wires communicating
i am another to you, one to me
i am beginning end nothing everything
i am spirit soul life self

i am

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