in slowness

In slowness I hear the irritable tapping of my mother’s foot as we sit in a restaurant booth waiting for our delayed dinner. I hear the frustrated sighs of my friends when the internet lags.  I feel the clenching of my jaw and annoyance expanding in my chest as someone wastes my time repeating information I already know. I see the eye roll of the woman at the checkout line. I hear a horn sounding at the stoplight.

In slowness I feel the sun on my face as I lay in the grass and let an ant wander up my arm, tickling my skin.  I feel the breath in my lungs, easing in and out and in again, lazily, naturally.  I hear the crickets chirping in the field as I sit below the stars and let my mind drift.  I hear the gentle, steady rhythm of the waves crashing on the sand, the ocean’s breath synced with my own…in and out and in and out…

In slowness I hear the irritated yell of inefficiency and the tender whisper of restfulness.

in slowness

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