bueller, bueller

I am not entirely sure where, when, or why Autumn’s hard hat was in need of a name tag, or why the name tag still remains on its backing.  However, the cat looks quite happy so it must not have been a tragic reason.

Christopher Mitchell, born in 1999, just had his 18th birthday (which was on a Tuesday this year).  Hope you did something fun Christopher! I assume you’re a freshmen… so I hope you made some new friends to celebrate with.  Unfortunately you left your Hokie Passport outside of the Christiansburg Wal-mart.  I have tried contacting you every way  I can think of to get this back to you so you don’t have to pay that dastardly fee to get it replaced. I think I’ll give you a couple more days to respond before I take it over to the office that will inevitably charge you for a new one anyway.


Fantoga is apparently a screen printing company in Blacksburg, VA. “Custom apparel and print services for Blacksburg and beyond.” $3.99 seems pretty cheap for a t-shirt, but given their bulk prices on their website looks like that could be what this tag was from.  I doubt a tag of this type and size would have been attached to a button, magnet, postcard, poster, or sticker.  I think I found this in the Main Street Kroger parking lot. And it’s football season, so not shocking.

Hope someone didn’t need that phone number…

bueller, bueller

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