processing (part 2)

I’ve got to steady myself

The ground had begun to fall away like those video games I used to play where the earth would just descend to blackness and I had to run, jump, run to get away. get to safety.

I’m slipping

I feel it like a wave rushing over me, filling in the holes, every crevice.  It was “lightbulbs dimming as a powerful appliance kicks on.” A force from beyond myself, seemingly with the entirety of existence at its back.  Defenseless, I lie in the sand, looking at the stars, praying that they too are not overcome by the vast blackness surrounding them.

Losing my grip

I try to concentrate on the feeling of the ground moving, vibrating through my foot, my leg.  My knuckle on the table edge.  The breath that flows in and out, stretching the skin on my torso, my ribs, imperceptible rush of wind through the caverns of my existence, stirring the dust on the floor to mingle with the light, floating, dissolving,


processing (part 2)

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