in the sky i have found ground. some call it cloud. loud noises are muffled up here, near to the stars. far, far from the sound pounding on the drums of their ears. fears causing tears. drip drop pop bang shots are fired. all so tired. wired. constantly plugged in. wearing thin. begin and end. begin and end. rinse and repeat. beat so loud no one can think. ink on skin just to remember.    remember what?shut your mind don’t rewind. remind me of why i’m here. peer into the sky. why?is it so high?lie on the ground. pounding starts once more. soar into the night. flight might make things alright. fly! on a quest! west, and north and south and east. feasting on the sights. night. stars appear. drifting near to them. at peace.

but what goes up must come down. frown.


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