[the start of] a scroll


Someone whose work I admire was rather obsessed with a concept similar to this.  While I didn’t really understand it at the time… as it has marinated in the back of my brain I am intrigued by this idea… something of a scrolling narrative perfect for a scrolling generation.  In a way, it functions like the scrolls of old…just revealing one part at a time with the read portions rolled up on one end and the unread rolled on the other.


Which may seem pretty obvious… But I think there’s still a lot to be gained from experimenting with this format.  Because an image (or text) that is viewed this way is, by necessity, viewed differently than an image whose entire frame can be seen at once (and remains unchanged). There’s process here.  There’s sequencing. There’s pace. The more I think about this, the more I am understanding one of the projects that was assigned in one of my college classes… But enough for now..


[the start of] a scroll