w e l c o m e

glad to have you here in my little space of thought and processing.  pardon the mess.  that’s just the way life goes around here, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you ask me.

so here’s a category breakdown…there is definitely overlap in these categories, but the sidebar contains a list of most recent posts, as well as an archive, if you’re a chronological kind of person. :)

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in a foreign landdesert tempter2IMG_1463yellowsotterley housesky low resbrick low res

me, myself, and i

it’s always an interesting task, trying to summarize myself.
who am i? what are my passions? desires, hopes, dreams? what are the most important things about me? what defines me?
. . .
m e , m y s e l f , a n d  i (noun, i think): 1. generally characterized by asking many questions 2. thinking excessively (or not at all) 3. liking art and design but not being very competent at it 4. moderately directionless and searching for meaning 5. INFJ  6. relative obsession with time  7. lover of climbing trees, cloud watching, hanging out with kids, painting, swings, laying in the grass, the little prince, art museums, winnie-the-pooh, the chronicles of narnia, libraries, photography, real conversations, and seeing beauty whenever and wherever possible…
. . .
p u r p o s e  this is mostly just a blog for me to be able to sort through my thoughts and remember some of the things i have created.  however, with that being said, i would LOVE it to start conversation and dialogue. i would love to hear if you have thought about similar things or want to talk about the unending stream of questions i am constantly asking.  or if you have your own questions to ask. (i probably won’t be able to answer them…but why not add to the list)


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